Can I try it risk-free?


Yes, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Use the phone for 30 days and if you’re not satisfied,  you may send your undamaged, unmodified phone back for a refund. 


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    Drew Sterne

    That's a better guarantee than the "Arc" company currently has. :)

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    Charlita McPheeters

    I'm guessing that the $269.00 is a ONE-time payment and there are no other payment options available (like monthly billing for the phone...) Some of us can't afford to drop almost $300 in one shot but would like to be able to take advantage of this AWESOME deal.

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    Charlita, you are correct! There is no monthly billing, no contract and no obligation to make any additional purchases. Anytime you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you pay nothing for wireless service. You can talk, text, and surf as much as you want for free. And even when you’re away from Wi-Fi, texting is still free. If you’re away from Wi-Fi and need voice or data, you have a choice. You can purchase a pay-as-you-go cellular voice or data pass for as little as $1.99 with no contract or obligation, or you can stick to Wi-Fi and keep it free.

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