30-Day Money Back Guarantee


If you purchased your device directly from Scratch Wireless, you are eligible for the the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  

If you purchased your phone through a 3rd party like a friend or eBay you are not eligible for a refund. 

For devices purchased directly from Scratch Wireless, read the article below for return information.

Scratch Wireless will accept products for refund within 30 days of the original delivery date (the time our shipping carrier states your package arrived). Please ensure that you’re still within the 30-day period before you request a refund.

Claiming the 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied with Scratch’s service, you can start the return process by submitting a request here.

Do not send your device back without contacting us and obtaining an RMA.  This will result in a delay in refund or no refund. 

Please send the phone back to: 

Scratch Wireless
Customer Support - Returns
31 Nagog Park Suite 205
Acton, MA 01720

We’ll email you an RMA number to include in your return package. Just make sure you contact us within 30 days of the delivery date of the phone in order to be eligible for the money-back guarantee.  Do not send us your device back without notifying us first.

The phone must be returned in the original shipping box.  The box should be placed in a bubble wrapped envelope or another box with the shipping label adhered.

Your device must be returned with all of its original components in working order. It will be inspected thoroughly before a refund is issued. Make sure you have copied or transferred photos and any other personal information from the device before you return it.

Devices that have been rooted will void any warranty and may not be returned.

No refund will be issued if we find that the device:

  • Has sustained water damage
  • Has damaged or broken parts (SIM card slot, Micro USB charging port, headphone port to name a few)
  • Has been rooted or otherwise compromised
  • Has a cracked screen or other damage that results in less than normal usable condition
  • Is locked

Refund Amount for Devices

We’ll refund the cost of the phone and taxes, minus any charges accrued from items missing or damaged. Missing items will result in a deduction from your refund amount according to the table below.  

Missing or Damaged Item  Cost
Power adapter $10
USB cable $10
Battery $15
Original back cover $15

Expect your refund to be processed in about 14 business days after we receive your phone. No refund will be issued if the phone is not sent back usable condition. 

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  • Avatar
    Sarah Ros

    What if the phone is DAMAGED or broken, after the 30 days?

  • Avatar

    If there is a manufacturer's defect we are happy to replace it free of charge within a year of activating your phone. However, if the damage is caused by the user (cracked glass, water damage, etc) then the user is responsible for replacing the phone. We are looking into providing warranties in the future.

  • Avatar
    Sarah Ros

    Okay thanks

  • Avatar
    Brian Johnson

    My 30 days are up however I would like to inquire about a refund considering you can no longer hold to your own guaranteed terms of service.
    I still have my box & everything.

  • Avatar


    How long does it take for you/scratchwireless to supply RMA Number after I’ve requested the RMA Number? I’ve submitted request for RMA # 3 business days ago.

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