How much does a pass cost and how long do they last?


Data and texting over Wi-Fi is FREE and unlimited.

A pass is required to make all calls over Wi-Fi or the cellular network.  Voice passes have unlimited minutes and are good for 30-days.

Texting over the cellular network uses data which requires a data pass.

Voice Passes (Wi-Fi and Cellular)
Unlimited Month Pass: $9.99

Data Passes (Cellular only - includes text messaging)
200MB Month Pass: $7.99
500MB Month Pass: $14.99
1GB Month Pass: $24.99

Here's an example of what your monthly passes expense would look like: $9.99 + $7.99 = $17.98

All passes work independently of each other and there is no requirement to make a purchase. All of our passes are still pay-as-you-go.

Buying a pass is as easy as buying a song. Just go to the Scratch app on your phone and select the type of pass you’d like to purchase. 

Data passes expire after the allotted time period or when the minutes/MBs are gone, whichever happens first.

Voice passes expire 30-days after the purchase date.








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    So for the voice pass, Am I limited to 250 minutes, if I pay the $14.99, or does it actually last for a whole month?

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