Change the touch keyboard


One of the best features of your phone is being able to choose your own touch keyboard. There are a ton of keyboards available in the Play Store. (There are even iPhone keyboards for reformed Apple addicts suffering withdrawal symptoms.) The hardest part of the process is finding the keyboard you like best. The good news is you can change keyboards as many times as you want—all you need to do is follow the steps below.

Download a keyboard from the Play Store.

Open the App drawer > Settings > Language & input.

Find the name of the keyboard you just downloaded and check the box next to it. Click OK.

Now open the Text app and get ready to send a text to someone.

You should see a new icon in the top left corner of the notification bar; it looks like a tiny keyboard.


Slide the notification bar down, select Choose input method, and tap the keyboard you just downloaded. All done! 

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