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How to Add Parental Controls

Smartphones have so many great features, but sometimes those features can be used for the wrong things. Below, you’ll find several suggestions for adding parental controls to your kids’ phones to help make sure they’re using them the way you want.

The following are paid apps, but they offer everything you could want in a parental control app:

Norton Family parental control—$50/year

This is probably the most common app because of the trusted Norton name. But it’s 50 bucks a year. They also offer a free version with about half the features, so you can try that first and see if you like it. Here’s the direct Google Play link:

Funamo Parental Control—$20/device

You might not recognize the name, but this app has a ton of features and deserves a spot on the list. Plus there’s only a one-time fee of $20/device, so that’s a huge plus if you’re thinking of paying for an app. Here’s the direct Google Play link:

Here are the free apps, though some of them do have upgrades available for purchase. If you use all of the apps below simultaneously, you can get about the same results as with the paid versions above.

Let Me Spy—This one lets you keep an eye on calls, texts, and the location of the phone. The limitation of the free version is you can only set it up on one phone per account (although you could just create a different account for each phone). It also only keeps track of the last 5 calls, last 5 texts, and the last 3 locations. For most parents that’s enough, but if you need more, you can pay to upgrade. To track the information, you use a simple website found at And here’s the direct Google Play link for the app:

Qustodio Parental Controls—This app helps you monitor and set limits on web usage. It works with both the stock browser and the Chrome browser that come preloaded on the Photon Q. The web monitoring service is free, but if you want to monitor other things, you can pay to upgrade. To access the information, just go to this site: And here’s the direct Google Play link for the app:

Screen Time: Parental Control—This app allows you to set time limits for certain apps or for the whole phone. You can even block access to all apps at certain times of the day automatically, like during school hours or at night. You can set time limits from the device itself, or you can use the app “Screen Time Remote” ( and do it remotely from another device. Here’s the direct Google Play link for “Screen Time: Parental Control”:


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