One-Year Warranty


If you didn't purchase your device directly from Scratch Wireless, contact the retailer where you purchased your device for replacement information.

If you purchased your device directly from Scratch Wireless, read the article below for replacement information.

If there is a defect or malfunction on the phone, it falls under the one-year manufacturer’s warranty and you are eligible for a replacement device. The replacement is free of charge as long as the phone is returned within one year of the activation date.

If you believe your phone is defective, you can begin the replacement process by submitting a help request to let us know what types of issues you are experiencing with your phone. A Customer Support representative will help determine the cause of your phone’s issues. If we determine your phone or charger is defective, we’ll send you a replacement right away. If your phone is defective, we’ll also send you a pre-paid FedEx return label to send your old phone back to us.

 Your phone must be returned with all its original components. When we send your replacement phone, we will capture and hold the cost of the replacement phone on your credit card. If your old phone is not returned within 30 days, your credit card will be charged for the second device. Once we've received your old phone, we'll review it for any missing or damaged items. Your credit card will be charged the following amounts for missing or damaged items:

Missing or Damaged Item  Cost
Power adapter $10
USB cable $10
Battery $15
Original back cover $15

Replacement eligibility also requires that the phone not be damaged in any way. Water damage, damaged or broken parts, and rooted software will void any warranty. If your phone has any defect other than a manufacturer’s defect, your credit card will be charged the cost of the phone.

Please do not contact Coolpad for replacements. They're unable to send you a new phone with Scratch Wireless’s unique operating system on it.


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