I’m having issues with my Wi-Fi connection


If your Wi-Fi connection is weak, not constant, or just not working at all, try the solutions below:

  •          Make sure you’re connected to your Wi-Fi network with the correct password. Even if you think you’ve entered the password correctly, go back and enter it again to make sure.
  •          If you have multiple Wi-Fi networks at your house, make sure you’re connecting to the main network and not a secondary/guest one.
  •          If you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network, it may require you to accept terms of service before you can use it. To do this, simply open the browser on your phone, and a web page should load asking you to accept the terms. It may take a few seconds to load, or you may need to close and open the browser a couple of times.

If your Wi-Fi connection is not constant and goes in and out, try a Wi-Fi fixer app from the Play Store. There are several free ones, but we recommend Wifi Fixer. This app does several things in the background to help with Wi-Fi, including constantly looking for a Wi-Fi connection. So if your phone happens to lose connection, the app will automatically reconnect to the network. 

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    Kim Fleming

    i can't get wifi at my work and in my car on blue tooth, i saw that i should Disable Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) if applicable. - Disable SIP Application Layer Gateway (SIP ALG) if applicable. but i don't know how to do that, can you help? or should i try something else. thanks so much!"

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    Patrick Roberts

    Hello Kim,

    We are sorry you are having these issues. I do see that you submitted a ticket yesterday and I personally responded to it. Please continue communication through the ticket and we will get this figured out for you.

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