How and why to clean the cache


You’ve most likely heard of cache in reference to web browsers, but apps have cache too. App cache can take up a lot of space and limit your internal memory. The good news is cache is very easy to clear out. There are several ways to do it, but we recommend an app called APPMGR III.

Download APPMGR III from the Play Store. Every time you open APPMGR III, it will automatically find all the cache that’s being stored and give you the option to delete it. We prefer APPMGR III because it does more than just clear the cache. It also provides you with a visual storage bar so you can see how much internal storage you have left. Instead of an app saying you have 1GB of storage left, you can actually see what 1GB of storage looks like. APPMGR III also shows you your apps and how much space they’re using. So if you see an unused app taking up a lot of space, you can uninstall it and free that space.

You can also clear cache without an app by following the steps below:

Open the App drawer (the circle with 6 dots at the bottom of the Home screen).

Select Settings > Apps.

Select an app you want to clear the cache for and touch the Clear cache button.

Whatever method you use, we recommend clearing your cache often to free up storage space and help your phone and apps run better. 

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