How to create shortcuts to files and folders


Adding shortcuts to your Home screens for files like videos and PDFs can be a little tricky, but the steps below make it easy:

Install ASTRO File Manager with Cloud from the Play Store.

Go into the App drawer (the circle with 6 dots at the bottom of your Home screen) and tap the WIDGETS tab at the top.

Find ASTRO File Manager. Touch and hold the icon, then move it to where you want it. Once you have it where you want it, let go.

A screen will appear that lets you navigate through your folders and files. When you find what you want to make a shortcut for, simply touch it. The icon you just created will take you right to that file. For example, if you made a shortcut to a video, the video will begin playing when you tap the shortcut.

If you want to make a shortcut to a folder, follow the same steps—but when you find the folder you want, touch and hold that folder.


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