How to send and receive pictures from your Scratch Wireless phone


Scratch Wireless phones don’t yet support MMS, but there are many other ways to send and receive pictures from your phone. You can easily use email or any of the methods below:

Hangouts—This Google app comes pre-installed on all Android devices. It can be used to chat with individuals or groups as well as send and receive pictures. You can also use this app for video calls. Hangouts is even available for iPhones, so you can exchange pictures with Apple users.


Free Picture Messaging—This is the best choice if all you want is to send pictures. This app allows you to pick a picture and a phone number to send it to. It automatically uploads the picture to a messaging server and then texts your recipient a link to download the picture. The picture is only hosted for 4 days before being deleted. This method is very simple and doesn’t require the recipient to have a special app installed.


Kik—This messaging app is like any other IM app, but it has over 100 million users—so there’s a good chance some of your friends are already using it. If you want to use this app to send pictures, your recipient has to download the app first, and then you add them to your Kik contacts. After that, you can send away.


Here’s a list of a few more apps that are similar to Kik, requiring both you and the recipient to have the same app installed. Some of these apps also include the ability to make video calls:





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    i tried Hangouts and i can't get it to work with pictures it will just say message not sent

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    Mike Stevens69 Ms

    Hangout i wont

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    Same here Hangouts just says message not sent. Sometimes with the other apps it will say mobile network not activated. So much for free wifi phone!!

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