I can't send or receive texts off of Wi-Fi


As of November 16, 2015 you need a data pass to text off Wi-Fi.  If you have an active data pass and still cannot send or receive texts please see the below steps. 

  • Go to the Scratch Wireless app and check the top bar to see whether the phone has service or not. If it doesn’t have Sprint service, you won’t be able to send or receive texts.
  • If you’re positive you’re in a Sprint coverage area, try going to Settings > Data usage and turning on Mobile data.
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    I did all of that too but still having issue with the texting part it keep trying to connect to 4g and back to 3g do you think that could be the problem because 4g here I am at is not strong but after it went back to 3g sending out text gave me an error but recieve text is find weird

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    Why was there no response posted here to the above concern?

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    Patrick Roberts

    Hello Mangruth,

    Because they submitted a support ticket and we assisted them through the support ticket.

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    I tried all of that and it didn't help.
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    Mary Maslowski
    I live in a Sprint area, but I cannot receive texts while away from Wi-Fi. Is there something I'm missing here?
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    Hi Mary, please send an email to support@scratchwireless.com with your phone number and we'll troubleshoot this with you.
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