Connection Dropping


If your connection is dropping here are a few things you can try:

Start by power cycling the phone.

Power cycling the phone will reboot the device.

When this occurs, the phone will re-establish connection to network.


If that doesn't work try the below steps.

Check the Disconnect Policy

You have the ability to control how Wi-Fi stays connected.

To adjust these settings:

1.  Touch Image

2.  Touch Settings

3.  Touch Wi-Fi

4.  Touch Menu

5.  Touch Advanced

6.  Touch Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep

7.  Choose from one of these options:

  • Always
  • Only when plugged in
  • Never (increase data usage)

If you have selected Only when plugged in, or Never your Wi-Fi will drop when it goes into Sleep mode.

If this doesn't help remove and reconnect to the network:

1. Touch Image

2. Touch Settings

3. Touch Wi-Fi

4. Touch the "network name"

5. Touch Forget

6. Attempt to reconnect to the network

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