WiFi Hand Off and your Cool Pad Arise


WiFi Hand Off
Your new Cool Pad Arise comes equipped with WiFi Call Hand Off which can be used to transfer an active voice call from WiFi to Cellular.  This might come in handy if the WiFi signal becomes weak or unstable or you move away from the WiFi network.  Keep in mind - In order to use this feature you MUST have an active voice pass.

Using Hand Off
Your Cool Pad Arise comes preset to Manual Call Hand Off.  When you first make a WiFi call your phone will briefly display a Hand off notification in the in the top menu bar. 

At any time during the call you can manually trigger hand Off of the WiFi call to the Cellular Network by pulling down on the top menu bar and touching “Hand off to cell”.

NOTE: If you prefer not to use WiFi Hand Off simply leave in the manual default setting and do nothing.


Setting your phone to Auto Trigger WiFi Hand Off.
If you prefer, you can set your phone to auto trigger WiFi Hand Off.  
To set automatic Call Hand Off: open your Scratch Application from the home screen > touch "Settings" > then "Call Handoff"

Touch the circle so that a check mark shows in the selection circle. 

Next touch "Call Handoff Trigger" and choose the desired level.  The level chosen will then appear under "Call Handoff Trigger".

To turn off Automatic Call Hand Off open your Scratch Application from the home screen > touch "Settings" > then "Call Handoff" and simply un-check the circle.



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