Picture & Group Messaging and your CoolPad Arise (MMS)


Your new Coolpad Arise comes equipped with Multimedia Messaging Service—also known as picture and group messaging.  

Unlike standard SMS (Short Message Service) or text messaging, which is always free over Wi-Fi and the Sprint Cellular network, MMS picture and group messages require more data. When connected to Wi-Fi, MMS messages are always free. When you are away from Wi-Fi, however, you will need a data pass in order to send an MMS message.

If you try to send an MMS message over the Sprint Cellular network without a data pass, you will be prompted to purchase one. Buying a data pass is as easy as buying a song. Just go to the Scratch app on your phone and select the type of pass you’d like to purchase. 

MMS picture and group messaging is only available with our Coolpad Arise and will not be available on our older Photon Q phones.  

Scratch supports MMS for all cellular providers with the exception of T-Mobile. We are actively working to enable this feature with T-Mobile and hope to provide it soon.  


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