Getting Started with your Cool Pad Arise


Before you begin, make sure you have installed the battery that came with your Cool Pad Arise.  
To remove the battery cover run your fingernail from the bottom left of the phone around the device. The first time you do this it may take two hands to hold the device and begin to loosen the back cover.  This will remove the secure connection between your battery cover to the device.

To install the battery simply slide the battery into the empty slot with the Cool Pad logo facing out and metal pickups toward the top of the phone.  The battery will only fit in one way - so if it is not seating properly, try not to force it.  Take it out and make sure you have it positioned properly.  

To remove the battery pull up on the tab at the bottom of the battery and pull out the battery.  

Charging the battery
1. Connect one end of the data cable to the USB/Power Port. This is located at the bottom of your phone.
2. Connect the other end to the travel adapter.
3. Connect the travel adapter to an electrical outlet to fully charge your phone.
Use the travel adapter that accompanies your phone; using other adapters may damage your phone.
Charging your phone through a USB cable that is attached to a laptop takes more time than charging it with the travel adapter.

Power phone on & off
The Power key is located on the upper, right-hand side of your phone. Press and hold the Power key for a few seconds to turn on your phone.
To turn off your phone, press and hold the Power key for the menu to pop
up, and then select Power off.

Touch screen & typing directions
1. Tap selected icon or other items in order to select or activate them.
2. To type a message, tap at the bottom of the Home screen and use the keypad that appears.
3. You can enter messages in either of the following ways:
Type letters one by one and choose the correct one as suggested.
Swipe between letters on the screen without pausing. Lift your finger when a new word or name is spelled.

Other touch tips
1. Touch and hold an object on your phone screen without lifting your finger, you can then reorganize your apps layout or drag apps to the Home screen.
2. To drag something, touch and hold an object without lifting your finger, then move your finger on the screen until you reach the desired spot.
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3. To zoom in/enlarge, double-tap on a screen object (such as Google Maps). Double-tap again to zoom out.
4. Some apps allow you to zoom in or out with two fingers on the screen. That is, pinch your fingers to zoom out, or spread them apart to zoom in.

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