Extending the storage on your Cool Pad Arise


Your Cool Pad Arise comes with a 2GB of Read Only Memory (ROM) and 512MB of Random Access Memory (RAM).  You can increase storage space (ROM) by adding a Micro SD card.  The Cool Pad Arise is designed with an internal SD slot located behind the battery.  The phone can use a Micro SC card as big as 32GB.

To insert a Micro SD card you will need to open your phone and remove the battery.

1. To remove the battery cover run your fingernail from the bottom left of the phone around the device. The first time you do this it may take two hands to hold the device and begin to loosen the back cover.  This will remove the secure connection between your battery cover to the device.

2. To remove the battery pull up on the tab at the bottom of the battery and pull out the battery.  

3. The Micro SD Card slot is located behind the battery.  Insert the card with the metal prongs down.  It's a tight fit, so be gentle.  If the card feels like it won't fit or gets hung up, don't force it.  Pull it out - realign the card and try again.

To install the battery simply slide the battery into the empty slot with the Cool Pad logo facing out and metal pickups toward the top of the phone.  The battery will only fit in one way - so if it is not seating properly, try not to force it.  Take it out and make sure you have it positioned properly.




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    So what can you put on the SD card and how?

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