Moto X Users - Service Terminating November 6th


Scratch will no longer support the Moto X as of Friday November 6th.   If you are currently using this device then you must take action and port your phone number to a different service provider.  Failure to port out your phone number will result in loss of that number.

To port your number away from Scratch Wireless all you will need is your account number and the address associated with your telephone number.

Your account number is your 10 digit phone number.  To determine your address please refer to the information below.

If you ported your number into Scratch BEFORE June 15th 2015 OR If your phone currently holds the original Scratch Phone number that came with your phone use the following address.

Scratch Wireless


Cambridge, MA  02142

If you ported your number to Scratch Wireless AFTER June 15th 2015

The address will be the one used on your Scratch Wireless Port Request Form

No PIN or any action from Scratch is required.  We freely release all numbers to be ported away from Scratch.

All our telephone numbers are held by our porting partner, Level 3 Communications and listed as land lines. If your new carrier is having trouble with the porting process they can contact Level 3 Port Out Escalations directly at:

Please note that your number must be ported out of Scratch Wireless by Friday November 6th to prevent loss of that phone number.

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