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How I feel about scratch wireless

How would I discribe Scratch Wireless? Simple, Its easy, Cost efficient, User friendly, and AMAZING Customer Service. I have used several diffrent careers and Scratch Wireless is by far the best I have had. I, being a collage student, am very greatful for the reliable, and very reasonable service. :) I have have nothing but High Respect for this company and to the founder and owners. Thank you for EVERYTHING!! ~ A Proud Costomer, Honesdale Pennsylvania, Age 18 :) Have a WONDERFUL DAY and I would totally recommend this to any student or parent who doesn't want to pay a high cost bill for there child. Oh I forgot to mention! When ever your in Internet/WiFi connection, EVERYTHINGS FREE!!! and texting (my favorite thing) is FREE when your in internet and NOT! and the best part is! ITS UNLIMITED!!!! Thank you again Scratch Wireless for making my first time experience with my own phone bill the best it could possably be :) ~Katie

Katie Powell

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Hello Katie,

Thank you for sharing this with us and we are glad you are enjoying your Scratch experience.

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