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Customer Service at it's absolute BEST!!

I bought a Scratch Wireless phone for my daughter several months ago ... Needless to say, I was very nervous as this was an experiment on how well she could use the phone with it mostly being WiFi only and data pass when needed (she is 14 yo). As a mom, I wanted to be able to get a hold of her when I needed to. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well the phone works in our area. Once we were up and running, it was great! Besides the phone itself, the customer service that I received from Kelly was and is UNBELIEVABLE! It's like we are buddies :) When I have a question she gets back to me in lightning speed with several options and/or explanations with the best resolution. I cannot say enough about the customer service that I have received. It really is unmatched by any company I have ever dealt with. Thank you, Kelly, for always putting my mind at ease! You are the best!!!!


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You are welcome and thanks so much for the compliments!!

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