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great deal

this is just magical, no cost on free wifi anywhere, texting helps me to remain in touch with my near & dear ones, and as free wifi is getting popular bay by day the del is getting better and better by itself. another feature with it is maps, now I do not have to waste my precious time to write down the directions, or print it out, I keep my phone with me, have a broad look on directiions, and whenever lost just open maps see where you are and find your way, it saved me hours and hundereds of dollar in gas of mine,
it is freedom from the costly cell phone plans, and so much limitation attached with them, as the regular cell phones charge too much it's total freedom from cell phone bills, as one is using his own wifi no security or privecy risk,


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Thank you for sharing this with all of us. We are glad that you are enjoying your Scratch phone and that it has saved you money on gas as well as your cell phone bill.

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