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Thank You Scratch Wireless! (a review)

I've been using my Scratch Wireless phone for a couple months now and it has changed my life.

Being a late adopter of technology and somewhat frugal, I used to laugh at everyone (behind their backs of course) who was willing to shell out 60, 80, 100 bucks and more a month for the dubious privilege of carrying a wireless smart phone.

Then I discovered Scratch Wireless and their "disruptive" business model of providing contract-free, ad-free, catch-free wireless service. Wonderful!

Now, 2 months later, and 20 lbs lighter, my Scratch Wireless android phone has helped me to organize my calendar, wake up on time, make all my appointments, eat healthier, get all my exercise, find interesting local stuff to do and much more! Plus, if you ever have any trouble with your phone or service, their customer support is helpful beyond anything I've ever experienced before.

If you're on the fence about Scratch Wireless, have no fear. Take the plunge! Get a Scratch Wireless phone, download a couple healthy lifestyle apps and if you do your part, you will get HOT! Guaranteed!

-Rob from CT

Robert Hoyt

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