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Scratch Wireless Review

Scratch Wireless is a beyond wonderful service. Whenever there is a problem that needs to be solved the company is ALWAYS on it's P's & Q's to insure that their customers are taken care of. I never have to call customer support simply because nothing happens to my account. My passes and my 3g/4g are always working. On top of it all it's free!!! What more could you ask for? I simply don't know why others would rather pay a mega bill. People are shocked when they see my smartphone and i tell them I don't have a bill. Some have even said maybe they should try Scratch. All in all scratch is amazing and they are a wonderful company. Other companies say they are looking out for our pockets and trying to stay in our budget BUT scratch is the ONLY company who didnt say it but just went on and did it. Showing us as customers that actions speak louder then words. That is why i am proud to say that i am MORE than happy to be a Scratch Wireless Customer.


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Thank you for sharing this with us and we are glad you are enjoying your Scratch experience. Hopefully some of those people you share Scratch with will make the decision to change and reap all the benefits Scratch has to offer.

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