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Getting a scratch wireless phone

How long does it generally take to be able to buy one of your phones. I really want the Motorola Photon Q, I heard your company is getting new phones but I want a phone with a slide out qwerty keyboard as I prefer this over only a touch screen phone. So please if possible, make sure I am able to purchase the Photon Q. Thank you very much for your time, please let me know as soon as possible, I want to have it before Christmas. Thanks again. Sincerely, Matthew D. Simon Sr.

Matthew Simon

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Due to unexpected high holiday volume we have completely sold out of our Photon Q inventory. We'll have several devices coming out in the next couple of months at various price points so please check back in with us. If you've registered with us then you'll receive an email invitation when our phones become available. Thank you so much for your interest in Scratch!

You maybe able to find a used Scratch Wireless phone on like Ebay or something similar.

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