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I have put off having a cell phone for years, I had many reasons but I could always figure a way that we were fine without one. As my children have grown it has become increasing difficult to put off. However the cost was prohibitive. I could not see taking on yet another monthly bill. Coming across a post in a blog for Scratch wireless it seemed to good to be true. I really wanted a way I could text my kids and not pay another monthly bill. I have not been disappointed in the slightest. First I ordered two phones right away one for myself and one for my 13 year old. It was a hit. He could purchase a pass if he wanted to talk (really though he doesn't like to spend his money as freely as mine!) and I had a way to communicate with him as needed. I was thrilled. I have very few problems getting service and I love the phone itself Its fantastic. I have a few apps but love to text and while I might not admit it to the kids I use it constantly. My son dropped his in water about a month after getting it and was super disappointed. After contacting customer service I can say that I would be hard pressed to purchase a phone through anyone else. They have been fantastic. It has been easy to communicate with them. I have loved their service. They have gone above and beyond helping me and my son. We have now convinced my husband to get one as well. We are officially a Scratch Family. When the other boys get older they too will be getting Scratch phones . Thank you for a great option and a wonderful alternative to expensive plans. I love it!


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Thank you so much for the kind words. We are glad you all are enjoying your Scratch phones.

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