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Why do I like Scratch Wireless service?

I choose Scratch Wireless over other no-contract carrier or even my current carrier after comparing price or total cost, product and services they offer to my needs... my need was to provide a "communication" device to my 6th grader daughter, a device which is:
1. Easy to use
2. Safe for her age (easy to turn on under-age safety features)
3. Looks "kool" so she can blend in with others carrying iPhones and what-not kool looking devices
4. Has plenty of games for fun and killing time when waiting for a bus or simply alone and nothing to do
5. Works with social media and what not
6. And most importantly, it is relatively cheap, so I don't have to worry about going over minutes or text and pay extras......

And, I am happy that my finding has stand true even after using their service for about 10+ months, without any hick-ups or any issues. My daughter is happy to have her own phone she can use to text her friends or use social media and I am happy knowing that she has a phone to communicate to me when needed, in good time or in any emergency....

How I can't mentioned their customer service? It is superb!!! You drop an email or post a note in the forum and BINGO!! You will see a response by their lead Kelly or someone else, right away...that's awesome and reason for "aha" moment is that, you will come to that need as I did since this is not a traditional phone, you would have questions about how the phone works, how it works away from Wi-Fi and so on.. and every time I had a question, I got the answer from Kelly and her team right away!!! Thanks Kelly and Big Thanks to Scratch Wireless for making cell phone so affordable and so available to everyone who needs one....

A happy customer of Scratch Wireless.....

J Shah

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Thank you so much for the kind words. We are glad you have enjoyed your Scratch experience and that your daughter is liking the phone.

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