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Docking/Charging Station on Amazon

Motorola HD Station with Wall Charger for Motorola Smartphones and Tablets - Retail Packaging - Black -- See Amazon

Look on Amazon carefully to locate and compare two versions of this Motorola docking station that appear almost identical. One is gray while the other is black (although Amazon describes them both as black). I have concluded that the Gray unit has 3 USB ports while the Black has none. See the Amazon images. The power supply are also connected differently. Black unit accepts a micro USB power supply connection while the Gray uses the classic pin type connection.

Black unit is 10$ and fulfilled by Amazon (best idea)
Gray unit with USBs 19$ from an outside seller.

I purchased a gray unit thinking I would have use for the 3 USB ports. Connected a keyboard, mouse, video and sound via HDMI to my Desktop computer (and also to a TV). Everything worked OK but IMO there's no practical use for them. Read Amazon Reviews that pertain to the Photon Q for this Docking Station.

The HD station has a rather large knob on the top which is turned to lock down the required mechanical adjustment. Only one initial adjustment is required to align the phone properly. It is a screw knob. Don't mistake this mechanical screw knob as some type of electronic adjustment.

This small dock and charging station has a built in app that boots my Photon Q into a very nice desktop bedside Time and Temp etc display. All phone functions are still available when docked.

I have no experience with the Amazon fulfilled 10$ black unit but that's the unit I should have purchased. Read the Amazon five star reviews for more in-depth description of it's function with the Photon Q for both units.

The “not so obvious” spacer tray is removed (with difficulty) to allow an encased Q phone to sit into the dock and make contact properly. Don't forget to remove this tray like I did.


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