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When In Doubt, Choose Scratch. Always Choose Scratch.

More Reasons To Switch To Scratch:


Yeah, Scratch Phone’s are for everyone but they’re especially for parents, students, artists and other budget-conscious folk. Think about it…

Scratch gets the job done without sapping your budget. A scratch phone won’t give you the impression of prestige to your friends. Instead, it gives people the impression of being smart and thrifty.

• Who benefits from buying the newest phone every six months, when you have barely even “scratched” the potential of your last phone?

• Who benefits from a $100/month unlimited everything plan, if you only sip 4G data thanks to ubiquitous Wifi?

• Can you imagine what you might do with that hundred dollars saved each and every month?

For good coverage coverage, I pay a quarter of what my friends pay with a traditional carrier and for hardware I get all the essential features with my Moto Photon Q that they use on their iPhone and Samsung S4. Features like a fast browser, GPS, voice recognition, video chat, quality camera, dependable battery, great reception and so on; these are all givens with the Moto Photon Q.

No need for a contract and no need for a complicated topping up ritual. I can add minutes and data instantly, from anywhere, with the press of a button. Even if my bank account is empty, I can still send texts. Isn’t that brilliant? Scratch doesn’t give away your number if you forget to top-up your account. Straight Talk does.

Take the plunge! Go from bragging about your screen size to bragging about the money you’re saving, even if you spend that money eating at your favorite restaurant.


Scratch’s Customer Service is simply unmatched. I’m sure it helps that Scratch is a young and agile company, but that doesn’t fully explain the dedication and enthusiasm of the Scratch team.

The Scratch team, they take care of you the way a good friend would. Send them an email and you can get a helpful reply within the hour most of the time. A few emails later and "boom!", the problem is resolved. It’s so simple. Just compare Scratch’s customer service to any major carrier and you’ll see what I mean when I say that the difference is night and day.

Before Scratch, I was never treated by my carrier like a human being with a unique story and perspective. Scratch is made up of people like me and you, and so it too is human, it too has a story to tell.

Disclosure: Michael Direnzo has been a Scratch Customer for one full year and hasn’t looked back since.

Michael Direnzo

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Hello Michael,

Thank you for sharing this with us. We are glad you are enjoying the Scratch experience and congrats on the 1 year mark.

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Sorry for any typos in the post up above. And thanks again to the Scratch Team!

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