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How much would you pay for texting over cellular?

Until November 16th we can still text over cellular for free. But after November 16th it it looks like a data pass will be required (texting will still be free over WiFi though). It really should be included with voice pass too, and hopefully that will be the case, but for now I'm just wondering how much people would be willing to pay for cellular texting only.

Would you pay $1 for an unlimited monthly pass? $2?

Personally, I think I could live with $2 (before taxes and fees) for a month-long cellular texting pass. I may even be okay with $3. More than that and I might still purchase one occasionally, but probably not on a regular basis.

A $1 for a 30 day pass up to 100 texts would be nice too (with the ability to purchase a new 30 day pass once you've either reached 100 texts or the 30 days has passed). Actually, that would be enough to keep me as a Scratch subscriber and turn me into a regular pass purchasing customer.

Perry-David van Dillen

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Yeah, it is having to pay for voice over wifi that disturbs me the most(although paying for texts on cellular doesn't appeal to me very much either) and is the reason I am really considering going somewhere else.

really wish Scratch would reconsider that. Even if they have to raise the price of passes a little.

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