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Coolpad Arise is an awesome value-add !

I am thrilled with everything about the coolpad arise - so much that I am porting both my home phone and verizon iphone # to scratch phones, a coolpad and one of the older/Moto handsets.

Coolpad look & feel is excellent. Very iphone-like, even though its an android. CPU is FAST FAST FAST. Such an improvement from my iphone 4, and the Moto handset.

The Coolpad speaker is incredible - amazing volume and quality. The MMS capability is nifty too - I've tested it a bit and it PASSES my tests.

Only two oddities noted for MMS over wifi:
1. if there are multiple recipients for an MMS message, this info seems lost to me when I receive the message on coolpad. I only see the one sender, not all the other CC people. I'll be testing/verifying this a bit further. I wonder if it is a known issue or if maybe I am making a "user error" .

2. When I tried to "forward" an MMS photo-message, it told me it was too big to forward. A second attempt to forward a different/maybe-smaller MMS message did succeed however.
It seems like the MMS is handled/fragmented into 600k chunks over wifi. Truly an awesome value-add.

It's nice how the scratch "back end' holds an undeliverable MMS for a while for download if Coolpad is off of wifi and has no data-pass.

Congratulations to the entire scratchwireless team.

My overall review is that scratch achieved a standup-double with the first/Moto-handset. And with the Coolpad and new software capabilities, the scratchwireless team has HIT THE BALL OUT OF THE PARK.

The scratchwireless Coolpad is A HOME RUN.


steve elias

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