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Is WiFi Texting Still Free?? WiFi Data?

Here is the relevant text from the email we all received.
In addition to the above changes we will also be rolling out a new price structure as of Monday November 16th. The changes below will allow us to continue to provide great service while meeting our increasing costs.

Voice Passes (Wi-Fi and Cellular)
Unlimited Month Pass: $9.99

Data Passes (Cellular only - includes text messaging)
200MB Month Pass: $7.99
500MB Month Pass: $14.99
1GB Month Pass: $24.99

If I read this correctly, it now costs $9.99/month for phone use. If I want to access the internet on the cellular network, I must buy a data pass. But what about texting over wifi? What about data over wifi? I have access to Bright House so why would I need a data pass? Hell, I have WiFi at my local pizza shop.

Scratch: Have you eliminated WiFi from our options? Have you eliminated the (free) texting on the sprint network if we can't access a wifi signal AND don't want to buy a data pass?


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It is the old bait and switch. You are not stuck with a brick that will cost you to keep. You lose you ported number and they charge you for everything. I think we just got scratched....

Rancher0000 0 votes
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Yes they have eliminated the free texting. Wifi texting and data will still be free.

Stephanie Davis -1 votes
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