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Unable to use month data pass purchased

I purchased a month data pass on 11/23/15 and used a small portion of it that day. The next day I received the message that it was expired. When I purchased the month pass it states that it will expire on 12/23/15 but it expired the next day. I spent $8 for the month pass but was only able to use it for one day. Can I either receive a refund or have the pass reinstated? Thank you - Ben Barton

Ben Barton

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I think for a question like that you may be better off using the "submit a request" link at the top of this page or using the "Ask" option at the bottom of the main Scratch Wireless page, or just emailing them directly. I don't think this forum is moderated too much by Scratch personnel.

They are pretty good about replying quickly using those other options, though.
I purchased a data pass(to be able to text outside of wifi... Ugh! Still hate having to do that.) and I try to be careful to not go on the internet outside of wifi. It has lasted pretty well so far. Make sure you don't have internet up or any app that uses internet operating. That is the only thing I can think of why your data is being drained.
Good luck.

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