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Texting is not working on cellular..

I was in Hermosa Beach by the ocean but also where there are a lot of businesses in the area, not a remote area and after I texted, all it kept doing was saying "sending" and my friends couldn't get the texts. I saw on the "sent" texts on my phone that there was a red triangle next to them, would that affect it? I like your concept and want to help as many people as possible avail themselves to your service (and get the free cellular passes natch) but there ARE a lot of problems with these phones, and hesitate recommending it for that reason. I have posted other problems that I have with this phone, including one today about phone not ringing but posted this separately in case others have the same problem. and would not look under the title of the other problem.


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Thanks for your feedback. Last week we had some issues where are customers experienced a delay in texting. If you continue to have texting issues please contact us as so that we can troubleshoot with you and get you back up and running.

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