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Data pass

I don't seem to be able to add a voice or data pass. Any ideas why? I have a vaild card and even see Scratch trying to access my crdeit card account with a one penny debit.

Bobby Bauer

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I got this response to my credit card and voice pass issue.
Support May 26, 2016 05:10
Please read the following statement in its entirety, paying particular attention to the text in bold. Pass purchases are disabled until the situation is resolved.

Dear Scratch Customer,

Thursday (5/5/2016) we began administering upgrades and modifications to our network and our service in order to reduce the reliance on upstream providers such as Sprint. Sprint historically has provided “cellular connectivity” to our unique devices when they are not operating in WiFi mode.

Our modifications are aimed in part at taking direct control of our own supported devices, both current devices, but more importantly, the future ones. Sprint has been charging Scratch Wireless thousands of dollars to meet their arbitrary certification and network processes which, in our opinion, serve no, or very limited, technical purposes.

Our efforts to provide customers with eligible, WiFi first devices in this regard are in response to one of our biggest customer requests, namely the ability for customers to bring their own device and to have more devices eligible for Scratch services.

In the process of making our upgrades, Sprint informed us that if we make such changes they will no longer and, according to Sprint, may never in the future, support your specific phone when operating in “Cellular Mode” on the Sprint Network.

Accordingly, we have made the difficult decision to move forward with our network upgrades and changes, and as a result, your service will be affected immediately.

We have enabled your phone to have unlimited texting and voice when in WiFi mode until the end of June. If you wish to continue to use your phone in “WiFi only” mode for texting, voice and data, we will create an annual service of $69 per year for you and your phone. There is no reliance on Sprint for the voice, data and texting services we provide over WiFi. To prevent conflict with Sprint’s licensed network, you can place your phone in airplane mode and then connect to WiFi and your phone number and services should continue to work.

If you have purchased a “cellular” pass, we will be issuing you a pro-rated refund for the services you will be unable to use. Refunds started processing on Friday (5/6/16) and should be completed soon. It may take up to seven days for the credit to be reflected with your financial institution.

We greatly appreciate your patience. We will let you know soon, after our network changes, whether we can fully “re-activate” your particular phone. If we cannot, we will offer promotional credit on one of our newer models we hope to release soon and will not have any Sprint specific customization.

We apologize for the inconvenience and for the lack of notice.

Scratch Management

Scratch Support

We're here to help Monday - Friday 6am - 4pm CST

Support June 01, 2016 05:30
Per the prior message, pass purchases are disabled. In order to avoid credit card charges through the system until this situation is resolved, pins and cards cannot be updated or stored.

Scratch Support

We're here to help Monday - Friday 6am - 4pm CST.

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